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Amazing architecture and sensual sculptures are the two hallmarks of Khajuraho. The mighty Chandela kings left a legacy of fascinating, intricately detailed temples here, reflecting their love for sculpture and the arts. Only twenty temples still stand, but they still draw hundreds of visitors.

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Khajuraho is well-connected to all major Indian metros, with direct flights from select metros and others via Varanasi. Khajuraho Airport is three kilometres from the city centre.

Khajuraho Railway Station has a regular schedule of trains that run to the rest of the state, as well as the neighbouring states of Uttar Pradesh and New Delhi. As it is a busy station, be sure to arrive at least thirty minutes before your train is scheduled to depart. 

Buses ply between Khajuraho and other cities in the state. Buses also operate on a daily basis between Khajuraho and other northern hubs and states like Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Many reputable online travel portals sell bus tickets.

Khajuraho is connected to the rest of Madhya Pradesh as well as northern hubs and states like Delhi and Uttar Pradesh by a network of national highways.